Hey there, I'm Keira.

I live in Acworth, GA in a cute little house with my husband Tanner who I've been married to for 3 years. One word that describes our marriage: fun.

Two things I can't live without are coffee and queso. I'm also a tad bit obsessed with home decorating.

I'm almost always smiling and laughing. Sometimes for no apparent reason, but really, I just like making others feel happy, welcomed, and comfortable. 

I've been called a hippie by those closest to me. What they mean is I'm a mountains-over-the-beach kind of girl, I love feel-good music, and I am all about being at peace with others.

I've been a lover of photography since I was 12. I'm 27 now, so you could say this is something I've done for over half of my life. I love my job so much, and truly don't work a day in my life because of it. The saying is true.

Reach out to me if you resonate with any of these things! I'd love to talk with you and photograph the seasons & things that are most important to you.